VICTORY: Tentative Agreement Reached!

  • 21% across-the-board raises for ALL regions:
  • 6% in October 2023; 5% inOctober 2024; 5% in October 2025; 5% in October 2026 – the largest raisepackage in the history of the Kaiser Labor/Management Partnership.
    Renewed outsourcing and subcontracting protections for all classifications,including Revenue Cycle workers.
  • $1,500 ratification bonus for all workers.

Increase minimum wage:

  • CA: June 2024: $23/hr; June 2025: $24/hr; June 2026: $25/hr
  • Regions outside of CA: June 2024: $21/hr; June 2025: $22/hr; June 2026: $23/hr

Labor Day Rally

Announcing OPEIU’s New Discount College Benefit

Dear OPEIU Members and Family:

Here is an update on recent developments regarding the OPEIU Free College Benefit, as well as introduction to an exciting opportunity for our union members and their families.

We understand there has been uncertainty surrounding the Free College Benefit for continuing students and are sad to say, due to a decision by the Department of Education, the benefit is no longer available to you and your family. While this may be disappointing news, we believe change often brings new and exciting opportunities.

Our new union college benefit option offers up to 50 percent discounted tuition rates and still applies to your federal grant awards to reduce your out-of-pocket costs even further.

OPEIU’s Discount College Benefit offers flexibility and numerous options for union members and their families to further their education. The program’s extensive network of colleges and universities is comprised of accredited institutions committed to providing discounted tuition rates to our union members and their families, ensuring accessibility and affordability for higher education. Whether you are interested in pursuing an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, or are seeking to enhance your professional skills with undergraduate or graduate certificates, the program has a comprehensive range of more than 50 online degree programs and certificate offerings.

To explore the available programs and learn more about the discounts offered, visit OPEIU's website. You can explore the various opportunities available and complete the form and an admissions counselor – who is employed by the college or university you have been matched to – will contact you. The admissions counselor will guide you through the admissions process, discuss your career goals and program options and answer any questions you may have.


General Membership Meeting July 19

General Membership Meeting July 19
Please join the Officers and Representative Staff of OPEIU 29 alongwith your Union sisters and brothers for our July 2023 IN PERSON.

General Membership Meeting. Attending General Membership Meetings is a great way to stay informed on current OPEIU 29 affairs and matters that affect you.

Please be sure to RSVP to attend the meeting by clicking on the link below by July 12th:

Honoring Juneteenth

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. It was on June 19, 1865, that Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, made it to Galveston, Texas with the news that the Civil War had ended and that slaves were now free. This news arrived two and a half years after President Lincoln signed into effect the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves held in the 11 Confederate states that had seceded from and which were at war against the Union. The Proclamation became official on January 1, 1863, and in every Confederate state, except Tennessee and Texas, the Proclamation went into immediate effect in the Union-occupied areas.

The Emancipation Proclamation had little to no impact on Texas due to the lack of Union troops to enforce the new Executive Order. However, with the surrender of General Lee in April of 1865, and the arrival of General Granger and his regiment, they were finally able to overcome the Confederacy.

The celebrations that followed the reading of the proclamation by General Gordon Granger began a Texan tradition that has lasted for over one hundred and fifty-five years, and today is celebrated and hosted in cities across America and beyond.