In Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: OPEIU Members and Families Can Complete Bachelor's Degree for Free This Summer

Because of the current economic and health uncertainty facing many of our members, your union is making it possible for all students who enroll through the OPEIU Low-Cost Degree Program at Central State University this summer to complete their degree with no out-of-pocket costs.

OPEIU members who enroll in the term beginning May 18 can do so under the same terms as the OPEIU Free College Program. All new and continuing students who are enrolled this summer will be eligible for a Free College last-dollar scholarship, which allows students to complete their degree (through graduation) with no out-of-pocket costs for tuition, fees or e-books. This represents a savings of more than $9,000.

Students can finish their teacher education or business administration bachelor’s degree affordably and safely. You must have earned an associate degree or have at least 60 credits in either field to be eligible. And remember, if you haven't earned your associate degree you can do so as always for NO COST through the OPEIU Free College Program.

If you are furloughed or laid off during this pandemic, don’t worry — you and your family members are still eligible to enroll with no cost.

Members in good standing, their children, stepchildren, grandchildren, spouses, domestic partners, financial dependents, parents, siblings, and sons- and daughters-in-law are eligible. OPEIU is pleased to announce members' nieces and nephews are also now eligible!

This scholarship is available for a limited time. Enroll now! Summer classes begin May 18.

Get started by calling 888-897-9671 or enrolling online at

*Students may enroll part-time, but continuous enrollment is required. Students must complete FAFSA and the financial aid process. For complete enrollment information, visit and click on "Click Here for Low-Cost Bachelor's Degree Programs."

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