Alameda County Council - COVID-19

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The COVID-19 global pandemic is causing unprecedented chaos internationally. Working families in Alameda County are dealing with the impact locally. We stand united with our union brothers and sisters who are currently struggling.

Yesterday, March 16th, counties across the Bay Area, including Alameda, have issued a shelter in place’ legal order until Tuesday, April 7th.

The order directs everyone to stay inside their homes with exceptions for essential work, food, or other needs in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As of now, essential businesses allowed to operate include healthcare operations, grocery stores, plumbers, electricians, laundromats, in home care for seniors, childcare facilities. A complete list of essential services is available in the official order under section 10.

For working families here in Alameda County, the crisis is amplifying the protections we have all been fighting for: strong protections for workers including paid sick time and quality healthcare, collective bargaining agreements, and social safety nets.

ALC will continue to work with our affiliates, community partners, and elected officials to make sure working families are protected during this time. In particular, for the frontline workers who currently do not have proper safety equipment, appropriate training, paid sick leave, or wage replacement if they are ordered to be at home.

Now is the time to stand together and take action!  Call on our County Board of Supervisors to immediately enact strong paid sick leave ordinances. Paid sick leave is necessary for working families to get through our current crisis.

In Solidarity,



  • Please click HERE for a link to various Alameda County Resources.
  • Here is the link to your  County Board of Supervisors.  Please click on your District to see their email address and phone numbers.  Attached is the Paid Sick Day Letter YOU can use to email.  Thank you. 
  • Please click HERE for CDC link:  


Per the Shelter in Place order, our office is currently closed until the order is lifted.   We are available by phone or email. If you need additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to email us or call our cell phones.  

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